Feb 22, 2013

Just posting since its been awhile. Lincoln loves brushing with his toothbrush. If I'm not careful, I find him hiding somewhere with the toothpaste.

Lainey's hair after a bath and dried. It goes way curly but then she sleeps on it and its a frizzy mess. Baths in the morning would work better, but who has the time?

Preschool face painting.

Going to church gym during cold days.

Friday night movie night. Link will watch at least a half hour of it as long as there's popcorn in front of him.

Trip up to Midway. Kid is such a water baby. I think it's because he was born in it.

Delivering v-day treats

They were supposed to eat those cucumbers.

Pregnancy is going along. Just enlarging everyday. Had an ultrasound and baby is growing fine. We're not finding out the sex as usual. Just have to wait till June!


Laurie said...

Great pictures. I love Lainey's curly hair. :)

Suzanne said...

dear Sweet Megan I miss you. Its always fun to see the pictures. This has been a hard winter made worse for you with the pregnancy but so happy for you June is not very far away. love always Suzanne Campbell