Jan 13, 2015

We've moved up the street and like this new house much better. There is more light and the layout is more open.

The yard is hard packed dirt. It's been fun trying to do things with it.

Tore some ligaments in my middle toe on the first of December and it's just now that I'm able to run again.

I've been biking instead and loved being able to see more.

Experiencing fall in AZ

Hadley having fun with the iPad

These grow everywhere around us and as long as it's not in someone's yard you can pick them. Fresh grapefruit and oranges.

Found a market by Tonys work that has the cheapest produce. All this was $20!

You'd think with buying that stuff we would eat great all the time...

Parents came down and stayed for a few days. Loved it! Seeing christmas lights with hot chocolate.

Grandma and grandpa doing gingerbreads with them. My dad helps out a lot.

I can always find Sage on the table.

Hadley and Lainey have been on a Littlest Pet Shop kick for months now.

Things are going pretty good now. Our first full Arizona summer was not bad. Winters are amazing! Right now it's 68 in our house and I have a jacket on. Crazy how our body gets used to the heat. As Sage grows up and is more independent I feel a little more freedom. It's getting easier to enjoy the last child and know she is it!

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Laurie said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are doing! It was so fun to see pictures of your kids and see how they are growing. :) How did you hurt your toe? Injuries are the worst. I'm glad you were able to bike. Biking is my favorite! I wish I could keep it up during the winter but I'm afraid of biking on the ice. How's the depression going? Love you guys!